Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

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Shakespear on the LakeDuring summer, something magical happens on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. Each night, as the sun sets at Sand Harbor State Park, people gather on a soft sand dune, spread out chairs, blankets, wine, cheese and bubbly, and watch as the pristine shore morphs into a theatre and reveals the comedy and drama of Shakespeare. This is a unique experience with modern adaptations of Shakespeare's plays. Shows start at 7:30 each night mid July through late August. The shows alternate between several featured Shakespeare plays and occasional ballet and concert performances. Some nights feature modern comedy interpretations of Shakespeare works that are really laugh-out-loud funny. The venue offers concession stands with wine and food, but you may bring your own picnic basket and blanket or chair to sit on. The seating area is a sand dune, so casual shoes or sandals are recommended. Also, some evenings can be rather cool, so bring a light jacket or sweater. This highly recommended experience can be enjoyed by Shakespeare enthusiasts and cliff-note readers alike. It is a good idea to purchase tickets in advance, as the performances will sometimes sell out.
Sand Harbor, East Shore Tahoe


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Awesome May 9, 2006 sanjay
  Theatre and a tahoe sunset combined - can't be beat.

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